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BP2 BIM Library

for architects and designers.
Are you working on a roof design and looking for the best solution that would meet all your requirements? Let us provide you with BP2 Libraries to design using BIM modelling. Thanks to precise models, you will be able to prepare a complete 3D detailed design much faster and way easier.
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What is BIM?

Very often, the designers who use the Revit application do not know how to model prepared objects on their own, so we have created a tutorial video that will help you to use our products in the process of designing. Please, watch the tutorial below.

Revit BP2 Plugin

The innovative features of the BP2 Revit Plugin will allow you to reduce the time spent on designing and will help to prevent design errors. Designing is easy and fun with our plug-in, and you only spend as much time as you need and not too much! Download the plug-in and use the BP2 product libraries directly in the application.
Download the Revit BP2 Plugin